Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Italy / Tuscany Photography: Olive Tree

Here's a piece from my archives. This photo was taken while I was in Tuscany on a walk from the birth home of Leonardo da Vinci to the town of Vinci, Italy.

I love the twists and bends of the olive tree and how the sun peeks through the leaves. On the day of the walk, the sun was bright and warm. The new growth of the olive leaves shown in a brilliant green. Bright colors surrounded us and were a welcome change from the bleakness of winter that we were still experiencing back home in the Tennessee early March.

Despite the beautiful color around me, the unique bends of branches coupled with the stark contrast of the bright sun against the dark trunks of the trees just called for high contrast black and white.

This print looks best when framed with a white mat and a wide black frame.

To purchase this piece or one of my others, please visit my fine art site. Or, view some of my other photos from Tuscany, Italy.

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